Readings in the form of downloadable mp3s recorded by Katharine and based on your birthdate, year, exact birth time, and birth location (town, state and country):

  • An overall look at your natal chart and of one year ahead in complete detail based on your transits, progressed chart and solar return. 60+ minutes $275.
  • Six months ahead based on your natal chart, progressions, returns and transits (60 minutes) $250.
  • Relationship charts based on 2 separate natal charts utilizing synastry (the way in which 2 charts interconnect) and composite charts (a chart showing the fusion of 2 separate natal charts) involving a description of the relationship, its qualities and each person's way of interacting (60+ minutes)…$250.
  • A comprehensive overview of your birth chart and current trends/transits (35 minutes) $175.

Please be certain of the accuracy of the birth date and don't adjust your birth time for daylight or war time if you think it is in effect. This adjustment will be calculated for you by Katharine so please just give her the birth time exactly as it was stated on the birth certificate or birth record.

For best results email Katharine with a few key personal details such as two or more life defining events and particular areas of focus you're interested in. You may also email questions after hearing your reading. CD's can be substituted for mp3s if unable to download.

Payment is in advance by Paypal, Zelle quick pay, or by personal check (address will be provided when you book.)

To book a reading email Katharine at: