Getting your chart “done” isn’t only about hearing an analysis of your birth chart and getting future predictions. It should and can provide insight that helps you to get your own strengths, issues and weak spots in the right kind of perspective. What’s more, it should also help you to cope with the ups and downs and challenges life inevitably brings as time goes by.

The consultations I’m currently offering can simply give you an overview and pertinent information about what’s going on and coming up but I’m also now providing astrological counseling on a more ongoing basis if it seems relevant and helpful. The issues that confront us in life and the way we respond to them are all part of the same pattern.

What a natal (birth) chart shows is a clear picture of your energy. The different aspects of ourselves are symbolized by the planets (the Sun, for instance is our sense of self) and the aspects show the way they work. I find an understanding of my own chart helps me immeasurably in being able to see why my life is the way it is. And this understanding also lays the groundwork for me to (hopefully) learn, grow and evolve. I believe that birth charts shed light on our emotional pasts, our ancestral DNA and on our personal karma.

All consultations are $175. and last from 30 to 40 minutes. These are the three types available:

  1. A look at your natal (birth) chart, pressing issues and a predictive overview.
  2. Six month updates: This is a closer look focus on current conditions as well as your reactions to them.
  3. Monthly and weekly updates: Precessed lunar returns (monthly charts) coupled with how the planets current positions (transits) impact your chart can reveal a great deal about what’s going on around you as well as within you.

What I need is: your day, year, place and exact time of birth taken from a recorded birth certificate or verifiable source. Payment in advance by Paypay or personal check.
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