2021 General Overview

As we enter 2021, Saturn and Jupiter have just conjoined in the humanistic and individualistic sign of Aquarius, also known as the sign of the Brotherhood of Man. Does this signal the start of the long awaited Aquarian age? Many believe it does. And what does it mean for us? It does signal that the world is changing—that the burning question of equality will become increasingly significant and that the push and pull between the individual versus the collective good will be confronting us from all sides.

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2021 will be all about redefining your goals, aspirations and hopes. It will also be a time when your connection to community and friends will be tested and strengthened. With your ruling planet—Mars—moving forward now on a steady course (unlike 2020), you will also be able to make real progress and reach long sought goals.


You’ll be taking on more responsibility in whatever role you play in 2021, and rewards will be forthcoming. Your ability to think independently and diverge from the well-trodden path will lead you into new territory that opens up your world. At times, though you’ll be feeling torn between prior commitments and duties and new possibilities that lure you into the unknown.


2021 is a year that offers new visions, spiritual growth and expansion. Dare to explore what has always fascinated you, to go where you’ve longed to go and to even follow your most farfetched whims. Whatever occurs, you are going to be learning a great deal about what is most important for you to know to follow your own individual path.


More financial stability should result from what you explore and attempt in 2021 and rewarding collaborations are also in the planetary spotlight. Still, you may have to go back and forth over the same ground as the year unfolds. It’s all about learning as you go, so trust that you will be doing some crucial stage setting for a more abundant future.


2021 is a time when the quality and value of your closest relationships will be under scrutiny. Saturn in your solar 7th house is beaming a spotlight on your deepest commitments and Jupiter is opening up new possibilities and directions. Partners and close associates may also need your support. Be open to what you can learn about your own patterns, as well.


New options will be cropping up around your work and the tenor of your day to day life in 2021. A refreshing trend can be set in motion that inspires you but you’ll also be dealing with traditional duties that sometimes feel burdensome. Health issues will also be on your mind and it’s time to explore options in this life area as well.


Ruled by Venus, you are innately romantic and creative and in 2021 these facets of your personality will be brought to the fore. Give yourself the time and space to more fully develop your talents and to indulge in enjoyable pursuits that enrich your life and allow you to shine.


Lifestyle issues will be taking precedence in this new year and you will be exploring various options that could bring you more security and fulfillment. It’s time to spring free from habitual patters and turn over a new leaf. Your relationships with family members will also be in the spotlight.


Planetary placements in 2021 emphasize communication and finding new ways to get your ideas across. And you may have many new plans and thoughts springing to mind that excite and fascinate you. What to pursue and what to let go of may weigh heavily on your mind and you will be on a learning curve.


In 2021 financial issues and new arrangements are demanding attention and you will be letting go of unworkable situations and moving into more satisfying ones. Timing will prove all important, so trust your instincts on grasping promising opportunities when they arise. You’ll also be reassessing your own values.


You will be flipping the page to a fresh life chapter in 2021 and turning your gaze on yourself in deciding where you want to go from here. Be ready to make major decisions. Any dissatisfaction with certain areas of your life will guide you to what you should and now must pursue—so let go and move on.


You are on the brink of a new thirty year cycle during which you will come into your own. In 2021, though, it’s about tying up loose ends from the past and being tuned into the needs of others. Your innate compassion is in the planetary spotlight and altruistic endeavors will bring a deep sense of satisfaction.