This sign-by-sign astrological report for 2019 is entirely based on birth signs which also are sometimes called "Sun Signs."  This is the popular form of astrology known by the general public--the only way in which many people come in contact with astrology at all. And by its nature popular astrology is very general.
The real thing--an astrological forecast in its rightful form--is based on the exact moment and location of individually set-up charts and it's important that people don't confuse the two. Still, popular astrology has its place and fills a role. "As above, so below,"  Hermes Trismegistus wrote in his emerald tablet and because people really do sense that there is some kind relationship between us and the heavens, they seek astrology out and find it enriching and intriguing.
This guide which represents astrology in its popular form still bases itself on specific planetary moments and their timing as well as the distinct characteristics of the zodiacal signs which always remain archetypal and true.

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Because challenging Saturn is confronting your sign this year, be ready to face some ego tests. Aries tend to be fiery individualists but Saturn will force you to question yourself and will also confront you with challenges. This isn't as negative as it sounds, though, because you will emerge with a sounder character and a wiser way of approaching life in general. Born brave, you will be summoning up your strength and courage and at the same time becoming more clued into how to use your energy in the most positive way.

Fortunately, optimistic Jupiter will be in harmony with you all year, bolstering your vitality and sending you new visions of your future. Travel, exploration and adventures await and it's all about gaining a fresh perspective which opens up your world. Jupiter in Sagittarius will be your mentor, urging you to embrace new concepts and tap into sources of wisdom. Go on a learning curve or on a vision quest.

Neptune, now in its home sign of Pisces, is telling you to involve yourself in altruistic causes and to tune into the collective mind. Make more of an effort to remember your dreams and to understand what they might convey. On the other hand, Uranus,--the rebel and change bringer of the zodiac-- exits your birth sign in early March and moves into earthy Taurus, forcing you to rethink matters related to your financial arrangements and also your values. Pluto at the top of your chart continues to bring issues involving the use and abuse of power to your attention and to test your ability to live up to your own heroic potential.


Getting an overview of your plans and life appears to be a major focus in 2019 and with Saturn remaining in the earthy sign of Capricorn, you're in a period when you can stabilize your affairs and gain a firmer grasp. Learning, becoming more conscious and aware and putting new knowledge to a practical use is also part of the picture. What do you believe? Where does your future lie? These questions may come up for you at this time and how you work them out will have a major effect on your destiny. Saturn is the great teacher of the zodiac and it is now passing through the part of your solar chart that is all about culture, spirituality and the wider world and your life will also be enriched if you rise to its challenge.

Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius has landed in the part of your solar chart that emphasizes, collaborations, and in another way, the emotional underpinnings of your close relationships. Now is the perfect time to reach out for advice from those who can give you more insight into how to handle your financial and personal relationships. Jupiter expands your ability to delve, come up with fortunate solutions and change your luck. Wiser investments can place you on a more secure path and fresh insight into your own psychological patterns can head you towards a brighter future.

Your involvement with the wider world is accented in a special way by the presence of dreamy, idealistic Neptune in Pisces. Finding common cause with others and having the sense of closeness and connection that arises when you join forces can be a particularly spirit-lifting experience for you at this time. Feeling supported and understood is what it's all about with Neptune in this position and so is the reward of doing the same for others. What's more with individualistic Uranus entering your birth sign in March, you're just beginning a uniquely exciting 7 year cycle that urges you to break free from constricting situations and follow your own star.


Since jaunty Jupiter entered your relationship angle in November 2019, you're probably more tuned into your closest life connections and you'll be rewarded by enjoying them more. The urge to live more fully is impossible to ignore when Jupiter enters the scene and Geminis have a great capacity to kick up their heels and live in the moment. Jupiter can lead to excesses and to spreading yourself a bit too thin, so you will need to set some limits about how much socializing you're doing at this time but the urge to connect, to stop worrying about the future and to live in the now can also have a wonderful effect on you and on your most important relationships. Expansive Jupiter in Sagittarius also brings more generosity and support from others and can indicate that partners are enjoying better luck too.

Saturn, Jupiter's serious and somber opposite, is now in the area of your solar chart that accents transitions, shared resources and the need to break free from old emotional patterns. You really will need to sit down and get serious about certain financial realities that are coming up and be prepared to do some restructuring. By all means, seek out the kinds of advisors who can steer you down a conservative and safe path right now. It's time to trim your sails and get on course for a more secure future and to involve partners and loved ones in your decisions.

The long-term effect of Neptune in Pisces means that you're not in the right state of mind to make professional commitments that pin you down. Looser and perhaps more flexible arrangements may suit you better at this time and you may find yourself being drawn to both more creative endeavors and those that involve public service. Geminis tend to be multi-talented and whatever you engage in at this time should give you opportunities to use your abilities in a fluid and flowing fashion. Maverick Uranus slipping into a hidden angle of your chart, on the other hand, is very much about being a kind of power behind the throne and also r taking the time to tune into your inner self and guidance.


Balance will be a key word for you in 2019 especially when it comes to partnerships and close associations. It's about staying centered and not being thrown off by others moods and opinions because with Saturn opposite your birth sign all year, your ability to hold your own is being tested. Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs of the zodiac and because of this you do tend to overreact when you feel that you're being judged or criticized. This year your ability to tune into others issues without taking their behavior personally will save you from unnecessary stress and will help to move your most important relationships in a positive direction.

Bounteous Jupiter is now ensconced in the angle of your solar chart that has to do with work related projects, health and the day-to-day quality of your life. You will be drawn into inspiring endeavors that boost your spirits and call on you to put your talents and skills to work. And you also may be entering a new phase in your work life that raises your status. This part of your solar chart also has to do with employees and people who perform services for you and those who now enter your life in such a capacity promise to be lucky finds who have a fortunate effect on your life. 2019 is also a year when you can make heartening health breakthroughs and it's a wonderful time to get involved in new regimes that boost your strength and vitality. Enjoying life more fully is what it's all about.

Ground-breaking Uranus in Taurus is going to be a mind-opener for you when it comes to your goals and the importance of being true to yourself. Your own hopes and dreams versus others expectations of you will become more clear to you, liberating you from plans and endeavors that really don't jibe with what you want and need. Uranus is going to remain in this area of your chart for seven years and you are just on the verge of a time of discovery that will shift your perspective about your life plan .And lastly, Neptune traveling slowly through the sign of Pisces will be arousing your fascination with unknown places and tuning you into spiritual realms.


Leos are rarely lazy because you were born to shine not languish in the shadows. And this year with testy Saturn passing through Capricorn, how hard you work, what's important to work on and even who you work with are all up for review. Saturn is known as the "taskmaster" of the zodiac and you may have to take on some boring tasks, shoulder more responsibility or involve yourself in various activities that don't draw to you the attention you feel you deserve. Still, Saturn may now motivate you to be more disciplined and to drive yourself harder which will bring you more rewards down the road. Being more perfectionistic is part of the journey right now and so is being more careful about what you eat and how much you exercise. The more you take Saturn's challenges on, the more vital and self-assured you will feel.

A completely contrasting influence that you're under this year, though, is that of boisterous Jupiter in the most playful angle of your chart, so 2019 seems to be a time when the motto "work hard and play hard" is something of a theme. Your social life will be more pleasurable and upbeat than ever, and your creative vision will draw you into entrepreneurial pursuits that truly inspire you. Sports and entertainment are also accented by Jupiter in Sagittarius in your astrological pattern and your natural joie de vivre will be coming to the surface providing a wonderful counterpoint to Saturn's workaholic influence. Relationships with children are also strongly spotlighted this year in a particularly happy fashion.

Individualistic Uranus is going to be touching down on the zenith of your solar chart which will direct a breath of fresh air into your world, especially around your professional role and identity. You will get glimmers of options that could set you free from situations that now confine you and you will feel an increasingly irrepressible urge to buck convention and march to the beat of your own drum. At the same time the planet Neptune in Pisces continues to exert a somewhat confusing influence in the part of your chart that's all about shared resources and financial arrangement, alerting you to the importance of keeping track of details which you're now inclined to let slide.


Your personal life has entered a more expansive, life affirming stage with upbeat Jupiter making a once in twelve year voyage through Sagittarius and it's time to take a deep breath and put more attention on simply being happy. Your most deeply rooted relationships are in focus and so are lifestyle changes you've been mulling over for some time. Go ahead and follow your deepest inclinations. Virgos are not self-indulgent by nature and tend to be prudent and a bit self-denying. Now, though, you're right to have faith in your ability to create a better future and to be generous with yourself as well as optimistic and daring. Generally, Jupiter in the 4th house of your solar chart is a fortune placement for all matters involving home and property affairs.

A harmonious trine between your Sun sign and steadying, consistent Saturn will help to keep you on course this year. Investments and entrepreneurial pursuits may demand attention and you should be prepared for various glitches that require patience and effort. Just remind yourself that Saturn rewards those who rise to the occasion and who just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Relationships with children are also under a Saturnian influence and in this case, too, you will ultimately find that your ability to be patient and consistent will work the right kind of magic. Your social life may be in a quieter phase than usual and this year will be very much a time to think about the ways in which you can use your inherent talents in new and rewarding ways.

You're about eight years into nebulous Neptune's fourteen year journey through your relationship angle and whatever's going on in your closest relationships, your ability to remain accepting and empathic will make all the difference. Sometimes Neptune in this position means that others appear distant to the point of being unreachable, or that they are under some kind of cloud that makes them seem that way. Lack of clarity and undefined situations, though, are not necessary an indication that love or even connection isn't present. You yourself may be going through periods when you really don't know what you need or want so that you feel somewhat adrift. Uranus, on the other hand, now flirting with the part of your chart connected to travel may be stirring up your wanderlust and sense of adventure.


2019 is a turning point year for you in the sense that you're restructuring your life from the bottom up. Changes involving your lifestyle, family relationships and plans for the future may be resetting you compass and you may--in various ways-- be letting go of the past and redefining your path. No matter how Saturn in Capricorn has and will be affecting you at this time, be ready to embrace new challenges and prove how strong and clear-minded you're capable of being. The Sun is not in a strong position in the sign of Libra and you're all too prone to underestimate your power and harbor hidden insecurities but it's also time to stop being so hard on yourself and to focus instead on how caring and responsible you actually are.

With Jupiter now in sparkly and outgoing Sagittarius, your charm will be amplified because Jupiter in this position expands your ability to communicate, express yourself and to inspire. You'll be drawn to experiences that open up new vistas and offer ways to acquire new skills. With this upbeat planet in the part of your solar chart that rules the way you think, your attitude towards all you do and towards those you meet will be full of optimism and good will. What's most important about having Jupiter in your third house is that you will be inclined to have a "can do" approach to whatever you take on which will be wonderfully strengthening. Short trip and getaways are also accented by Jupiter in 2019.

Neptune currently passing slowly through your work angle has the effect of softening your focus so that you're less inclined to force yourself to move fiercely ahead in just one direction but instead may tend to stray off into directions that encourage you to use other talents and facets of your personality. Neptune now also tunes you more deeply into your altruistic side intensifying your innate urge to be helpful and healing. And with Uranus advancing into the sign of Taurus this year for a seven year stay, you'll begin to take a fresh look at your financial arrangements and to explore options that could change your fortunes for the better.


Jupiter exited your birth sign in November 2018 and has moved into Sagittarius where it will remain until the end of 2019. Now occupying what's known as the "Second House" of your solar chart, Jupiter places a powerful accent on finances. But even though Jupiter is known as the "luck" planet, it can have a double-edged effect on your financial fortunes in this position. You may be able to acquire or earn more money at this time, but you're also likely to be less cautious and to spend more. Being such an optimistic energy, Jupiter can encourage you to take more risks and overestimate your prospects, so it's all about keeping a balance when it comes to expanding your possibilities but not going too far.

Saturn, now in the part of your chart that has to do with thinking and learning, though, will now be exhorting you to fact facts, learn new skills and to not go overboard when making new commitments. And if you do take on Saturn's somewhat killjoy challenge, you will end up making wiser choices and bettering your prospects. Saturn now in its ruling sign of Capricorn is all about really thinking everything through and withholding judgement until you are certain of what results you'll get. In fact, it can be an inhibiting influence but coupled with the presence of Jupiter in Sagittarius it can guide you in the right direction. Saturn in this position also places an accent on your relationships with brothers and sisters.

With Neptune now voyaging through the most creative and entrepreneurial part of your solar chart, tapping into your creative talents will lift you to new heights but conversely, you should be highly discriminating and cautious where speculative ventures are concerned. Situations that appear very promising may be turn out to not be what they seem. And with freedom loving Uranus just beginning a long journey through your relationship angle, the accent is on developing your own individuality more fully and not expecting others to provide you with what you're entirely capable of providing on your own. Uranus is also like a breath of fresh air which can open up new channels in your connection with others.


Jupiter, the planet that rules Sagittarius, is going to be in your birth sign all through 2019 after completing its twelve year journey through the zodiac. For you, this is not only empowering, but fortunate. At the very least, you're going to feel happier and more at ease and the best case scenario will be that you not only thrive but experience some lucky breaks. Jupiter's all about expansiveness, optimism and increase but there's another side to this. Jupiter's influence can lead to over-confidence, self-indulgence and excess too. This is why during these lucky Jupiter cycles the potential benefits can be wasted and end up not amounting to real gains. So clearly, your challenge in 2019 is to pay attention to the opportunities that come your way and not allow yourself  to just drift along in a happy daze.

Stern Saturn--Jupiter's opposite--in the part of your solar chart that has to do with money, though, will be an influence that helps to keep you grounded. 2019 is going to be a year when you can get a far firmer grip over your monetary affairs but as always with Saturn doing so will involve effort and discipline. Practical choices, self-control and prudence  will be what's called for and it's time to restructure arrangements that may not be as beneficial as they should be and to pare down on expenses in general. In fact, being realistic is what it's all about with Saturn in this position and if you heed Saturn's message rewards are going to follow further down the road.

For you, the long-term presence of Neptune in Pisces can bring various home and lifestyle issues with it, and its influence tends to be confusing making it difficult to pin down satisfying solutions. Being patient and tolerant until such situations can be clarified is the best approach in such a case but another aspect of Neptune in Pisces is that it can sensitize you more intensely to others needs and feelings as well as stimulating your altruistic side. Meanwhile, eccentric Uranus is approaching your work angle in 2019 where it will take up residence for the next 7 years. And although this year you will just be experiencing its initial influence, the need to break free of restricting influences and enjoy more independence will be shifting your perspective in various ways.


You're in the midst of a very powerful Saturn transit to your birth sign--one that only occurs once in every 29 + years. And because responsible, demanding Saturn is the planet that rules Capricorn you're being challenged to come to terms with your own high standards and ambitions and to generally take stock. If you're somewhat satisfied by what's currently happening in your life then Saturn's visit will be less difficult than if you're not receiving the rewards you feel you deserve. What you need to bear in mind, though, is that your tendency at this time may be to judge yourself too harshly no matter what is going on. Capricorns, in fact, are often highly ambitious and hold themselves to impossibly high standards and Saturn's current influence is actually testing your ability to realistically examine your life and to gain both more self-awareness and self-acceptance.

With uplifting Jupiter now traveling through the last of the 12 houses of your solar chart, you're on the brink of a new personal cycle which is all about bursting on the scene with new inspiration and vigor by the end of 2019. Meanwhile, introspection, review and soul searching will all help you to renew yourself in wonderful ways. Tune in to your inner self and you will receive both wisdom and guidance at this time. Jupiter in this position also prompts you to play a behind-the scenes role in various situations rather than seeking attention. You can influence events and forward your cause without showing your hand and it's time to strategize and lay the groundwork for future plans.

The influence of Neptune in Pisces for Capricorns is in some respects a positive one but it does challenge you to be more communicative and precise. Be careful not to assume that others understand what you're feeling and thinking unless you actually tell them and spell it out. Neptune in harmony with your birth sign in this position can incline you to be more sympathetic and more receptive to others unspoken feelings and thoughts. With individualistic also advancing into a highly compatible aspect with your Sun sign and accenting the most creative and entrepreneurial angle of your solar chart, it's time to start thinking about expressing your talents or even marketing them in innovative ways or developing a business venture that gives you more autonomy.


Because Saturn, the time keeper of the zodiac, is in the midst of a journey through Capricorn, the sign preceding your own, you're approaching the finale of a nearly 30 year cycle which has to do with tying up loose ends from the past. Neglected business of various kinds will require attention and you may also be concerned with the wellbeing of dependents and relatives who are having problems coping on their own. Saturn is always somewhat somber and demanding, but you will not be confronted by major challenges while it passes through the most hidden angle of your solar chart--only some issues around taking on a few burdens and giving a great deal of thought to what you've accomplished and where you want to head from here.

Jaunty Jupiter in Sagittarius, on the other hand, is calling you out to explore new possibilities, environments and associations. In many respects, the accent in 2019, is all about expanding the boundaries of your world and adventuring into the unknown. It's time to reach out and test drive situations that have intrigued you because expansive Jupiter will be encouraging you to do, dare and to follow your dreams. People who enter your life in 2019 are likely to have a fortunate effect on your destiny and your social circles are also likely to be expanding. Groups and the experience of participating in ventures and causes that create a sense of commonality with others will prove inspiring to you this year and you may also be forging some significant new friendships.

Spacey Neptune passing through your financial angle, though, is a constant reminder to force yourself to keep track of your monetary affairs. It's all too easy to let matters drift when Neptune is in this position and to succumb to temptation rather than just saying "no". With powerful Uranus--your ruling planet--overtaking the nadir of your solar chart in 2019 as well,, you may find yourself exploring the possibility of a move or relocation or at the least be turning over various lifestyle options in your mind. Change will be increasingly appealing to you during the next several years to come.


With expansive, fortune boosting Jupiter in the most public angle of your solar chart this year, it's time to show your face out there in the world. Since Jupiter is a wonderful confidence lifter, you should be feeling more buoyant and positive than usual and your "can do" attitude will be apparent to all. Try to stop being such a self-effacing and modest Pisces and be ready to showcase your own accomplishments and abilities. Authority figures are likely to be more approachable and supportive now and more offers and opportunities will be forthcoming. Your ability to garner attention at this time is not something to take lightly because Jupiter only travels through this part of your chart once in twelve years.

What you do need to be aware of this year, though, is that challenging Saturn is doing a lengthy stint in the sign of Capricorn which, for you, emphasizes the importance of testing your dreams against reality. Not only is what you really hope for and want an issue right now, but also how possible it might be to achieve it. Significant contacts and associations that have withstood the test of time will prove valuable to you in 2019 and the new associations you're forging will require a great deal of attention and effort. Another vital issue will be your ability to be a team player in situations in which others are reluctant to share the power and as always when Saturn is in the picture, patience and sustained effort are the keys to the kingdom.

With Neptune, your ruler, now at home in your birth sign you may find that your ideals and dreams are being tested but you're also more empowered to come into your own. Becoming more aware of how receptive and sensitive you are is one potential gift of Neptune's passage through your sign and the importance of surrounding yourself with positive and uplifting influence another. The newly arrived influence of electric Uranus into the angle of your solar chart that rules learning and thinking can be a wonderful stimulant that opens your eyes to new ideas and concepts--so be prepared for revelations that shift your world view.