Brexit is an amazingly precise enactment of the long-standing square between Saturn and Neptune which first reached perfection on November 26, 2015 and which will make its last exact aspect on September 10th, 2016. In fact, the only other time these two planets have made an exact square during this period was on June 18th, 2016…. five days before Brexit was voted in on June 23rd.

Astrology, which many believe works on the principle of “As Above, So Below” (a discernible synchronicity between planetary movements and earthly life) couldn’t have been more brilliantly illustrated than in this conflict between Saturn–the planet that symbolizes contraction and separateness–and Neptune, which is the planet of merging and union. And with the people of Britain confronting the choice between remaining in the European Union or leaving and becoming a separate entity, the classic fear that union will result in a kind of annihilation has been acted out and is taking its toll on our world.

Most of us can understand the emotions behind the Brits decision even if we don’t like the way the vote went. The fact that hatred of foreigners was part of this decision casts it in an ugly light. But the other side of this is the way in which corporate interests in pursuit of global markets have sought to erase boundaries to their own benefit. In fact, the square–the 90 degree clash between Saturn and Neptune–exposes the dark side of both planetary energies which in this case, shows us both the negative energy of Saturn (hatred/fear) and the destructive side of Neptune (breaking down barriers for the wrong reasons).

Saturn and Neptune can form positive aspects too: the sextile and the trine. And an exact sextile will be formed between them three times during 2019 –a time when hopefully we will find our way to merge in a structure that works for the benefit of all, and that allows humanitarianism to work hand and glove with practical reality. In the meantime, though, we will be witnessing more of the kinds of clashes we’ve been experiencing. It’s both fascinating and disturbing that so many of the Brits who voted to leave are now regretting their decision. Separateness is not in itself a happy state if it throws us out of relation to others.

The next–and last–square between Saturn and Neptune on September 10th is worth noting and watching. And so are our own inner conflicts between letting others in and keeping them away. We’re part of the whole picture. And our own inner reality doubtless effects the great sea of emotion that moves the collective mind.