I’m sure that many astrologers are carefully studying the current presidential front-runners’ charts, trying to see if they can figure out who will be the winner. In fact, I’ve seen quite a number of analysis of Clinton, Sanders and Trump’s patterns and bold statements along with very hedging ones of their chances. But predictions aside (it’s always a mishmash of conflicting judgments) what are their characters? And isn’t it intriguing that all three have Mars–the planet that rules our drive, survival instinct and life force–in fire signs?

Fire signs are always spirited but each in a different fashion. Aries, for instance– the hero (scout or warrior)–is where Bernie Sanders has his Mars. Being in its own sign, Mars functions very powerfully in Aries and Mars is always about courage, action and forward movement.

Sanders has his Mars very close to his Moon (his time of birth is uncertain, so how close is impossible to tell) and Mars is also very clearly in opposition to Venus which is in Libra. Venus craves harmony and connection while Mars tends to be a pot stirrer and is a loner by nature. This aspect works to temper Sander’s aggressive behavior so that when he comes on strong, he does not want to cause harm. His Mars gives him a burning desire to lead and fulfill the role of hero, while the aspect also gives him an edge of diplomacy which may sometimes work for him and sometimes undermine him.

As for Clinton, she was born with Mars in Sun ruled Leo– the King/Queen (ruler of the solar system). Mars in this sign needs to be in charge and also to be the center of attention. Mars in Leo can be very forceful and effective but because Clinton has her Mars in an exact conjunction to tempestuous Pluto, she is extremely power conscious and can be ruthless. What’s more, Pluto–known as the cosmic transformer of consciousness–drives her to push the limits too hard so that she is forced to end up being humbled by facing her own human limitation. She also has Mars and Pluto close to Saturn which can limit the effectiveness of her aggression and also hold her back.

Curiously, Trump also has Mars in royal Leo and in his chart, it is very strongly placed–within 2 degrees of his ascendant–a position which amplifies its action to the nth degree. His Mars makes him overly aggressive–rushing forward to do battle, attacking first. It also serves to intensify his sense of entitlement: He feels that he is the one who should be in control and dominate others–the undisputed king. This is why he engages in shouting matches and out shouts everyone else. His Mars is even more firmly supported by being in a trine with his Moon and the fiery quality of these aspects suggest that his tendency is to burn too hot.

Archetyically, Clinton and Trump are enacting the roles of King and Queen, while Sanders is fulfilling his role as Hero and Scout. With Mars in fire signs, all three are all passionate and riveting, but the force of their natures manifest very differently due to the placement and aspects brought to bear on their inborn aggressive drive.

No wonder the political climate is so heated right now!