Predictive charts can be a source of inspiration or agony to astrologers, especially when we set them up for ourselves. For myself, I routinely do precessed solar and lunar returns (see *Articles on this site) and they are often very visually apparent, as in those charts that turn up with, for instance, Mars right on the fourth house cusp (my last year’s return)–a clear augury of accidents–or Venus unafflicted on the cusp on the seventh house–a promise of blissful relations with a partner.

The planets can be dramatic and expressive in these kinds of charts–or they may not speak so loudly (a dull period?) ¬†or in a way that lends itself to clear-cut interpretation. The transits are also highly significant whether they are fleeting (involving the closer, more fast moving planets) or long lasting (involving Jupiter, Saturn or the “higher” planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).

How do we use the information we receive when looking at return charts, transits or progressions, though? Sometimes it can be downright scary–or worrisome and depressing–and I’ve known more than one astrologer who has worked themselves into a state of dread over what they saw coming up in the not too distant future. The problem with interpretation is that we are bound to envision the future through the lens of what we already know. The future existing somewhere “out there” obviously evolves from the now, but stuck in now as we are, we tend to project our current issues, or what we already know on what we see coming up–effectively wearing blinders that we’re not aware we have on.

Are we even capable of looking clearly ahead? So many factors need to be weighed in predictive work and I’ve heard more than one astrologer remark that sometimes one kind of technique works and sometimes another is more accurate even with the same person. If we could only fly above all the intersecting energies that seem to manifest in events then we’d be capable of seeing the whole picture, but being immersed in it instead..down “in” it what we need to remember at all times is that are own anxieties and points of view usually lead us astray.

What’s the solution aside from remaining humble and open minded? That’s really about all we can do… and as I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs..keep on learning and never imagine or think that we have a corner on the truth.