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I’m doing a lot of thinking about the predictive aspect of astrology as February rolls in. Astrologers’ traditional role is divination: to attempt to see in to the future and shed light on what is occurring at every turn. We have many techniques we rely upon for this: solar returns, progressions, transits and now with the recently translated work of ancient astrologers–profections, primary directions and zodiacal releasing to name a few.

Which is the best? How accurate can you be? I have my own techniques which I’ve tested (and continue to test) which I’ve found to be very enlightening–sometimes so accurate they astound me–sometimes not. I am also continually experimenting with new methods and searching and reading what other astrologers write about their results.

The truth of any situation–or matter–can only be found in a spirit of humility because imagining that we “know” drops a veil over our vision. As the late Derek Appleby said of the special branch of astrology that he pursued –Horary astrology (which is about asking a question and setting up a chart to answer it) “sometimes the answer is a clear yes or no, but often the matter requires much consideration before the astrologer feels able to pronounce, if at all: for the heavens hide their secrets with extreme cunning.”

It’s completely audacious to try to predict what will be.  And what astrologers are able to make out as they gaze into the future are shapes and movements that are continually re-forming  “through a glass darkly” and they then must be able to clearly describe what they see.

This February, the planets continue their seemingly endless dance through time: Saturn inching forward in Sagittarius, Jupiter retreating in Leo–Uranus and Pluto advancing towards their last calamitous square next month. At least Mercury–the messenger–will change direction this month (Feb. 11) so that we will begin to get details sorted while Mars and Venus entering fiery Aries on the same day (Feb. 20) promise to whip our passions to new heights. ‘