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Astrological Predictions: Techniques Old and (relatively) New

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In my practice I use primarily modern astrology although I do employ traditional techniques and base some charts on the precession of the equinox depending on what is required.

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The field of astrology has become increasingly crowded during the last few decades and now there are “modern” astrologers, “traditional or (medieval/classical)”astrologers and other traditionalists known as “Hellenistic” astrologers whose work is based on techniques dating back to the first century and earlier.

And contained within these categories, there’s also “Visual” astrology based on the fixed stars, Uranian astrology, Horary astrology (which is about asking a question and casting a chart for the answer), Electional astrology (event planning), Vedic astrology, based on the precession of the equinox and the list goes on.

the sun


Some books I’ve recently read or am rereading and can highly recommend:

  • “The Horary Textbook” by John Frawley
  • “Traditional Astrology for Today” by Benjamin Dykes
  • “Astrological Roots: The Hellenistic Legacy” by Joseph Crane
  • “Night and Day” by Robert Hand
  • “Solar and Lunar Returns” by Donald Bradley
  • “Saturn” by Liz Green
the sun